-- Copiers
-- 30D ROI
What Are Traders
BingX Traders are professionals serving millions of investors in hundreds of regions worldwide by sharing their trades and allowing investors to copy them. Successful applicants will gain the following rights and benefits.
* What You Can Get
    How to Apply
    Choose Copy Trading Account for Evaluation*
    Please select any copy trading account for evaluation. Once the evaluation is passed, all copy trading accounts will be eligible for sharing trades.
    BingX Standard Futures
    BingX Perpetual Futures
    Binance Futures
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    Evaluation Criteria
    Application Notice
    • The criteria is in a trial phase and will be subject to periodic adjustments.
    • Traders will be prohibited from copying the orders of other traders once their application is approved.
    OK (Copy Trading Customer Agreement)
    If you're already a widely followed trader, please submit your application via the KOL channel