Is 0x (ZRX) a Worthwhile Liquidity Aggregator to Consider?

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Cryptocurrency holders have been graced with the convenience of buying and selling their digital coins and assets through various exchanges. While newcomers often opt for centralized exchanges (CEX) due to their user-friendly interfaces, the ascent of decentralized finance (DeFi) has piqued the interest of traders by offering decentralized protocols. Amidst a growing array of decentralized exchanges, one platform, 0x, stands out in several intriguing ways.



Unveiling 0x: A Protocol Revolution

0x serves as an open protocol designed to expedite the transfer of Ethereum-based tokens across leading exchanges. Its architecture incorporates automated market makers (AMM), state channels, and smart contracts to facilitate seamless transactions. This DeFi exchange has garnered increasing popularity, enabling trade across multiple blockchains as a liquidity aggregator. Its unique functionality involves scanning numerous crypto exchanges for the best prices and lowest fees, setting it apart from the competition. Occasionally, it even recommends splitting a transaction across multiple exchanges to optimize user benefits. With a user-friendly interface and a straightforward registration process, 0x has made cryptocurrency exchanges more accessible and efficient.


The Genesis of 0x: A Journey Through Time

In October 2016, Amir Bandeali and Will Warren initiated 0x with a vision to standardize Ethereum blockchain tokens. Their ambition extended beyond standardization to encompass creating Ethereum tokens for various assets, such as fiat, NFTs, and gold, in pursuit of a more robust trading ecosystem. As they evolved their concept, 0x transformed into a decentralized exchange after identifying key issues. The platform's initial coin offering (ICO) for its native token, ZRX, amassed $24 million in funding. Subsequently, it secured an additional $15 million in a Series A equity round. In April 2022, a successful Series B financing round raised an impressive $70 million, bringing the total funding to $109 million.


0x as a Foundation for Decentralized Exchanges

In recent years, 0x has emerged as a foundational pillar for various decentralized exchanges. Platforms like Radar Relay, DeFi Saver, Zerion, and Nuo have been built upon 0x, showcasing its influence and contribution to the DeFi landscape.


The Vision of 0x: Revolutionizing Token Trading

0x's overarching mission revolves around reshaping and enhancing the way Ethereum-based tokens are traded. The founders recognized the challenges posed by the multitude of exchanges available to users. Prior to the introduction of liquidity aggregators like 0x, users had to manually identify suitable exchanges, compare prices, and assess fees, a time-consuming and often unpredictable process. 0x stepped in as one of the pioneering liquidity aggregators, streamlining this process by searching multiple exchanges on behalf of users, saving time, and uncovering opportunities that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. On a broader scale, 0x aspires to become the world's most equitable, transparent, and efficient financial system while continually enhancing infrastructure to bolster global accessibility to digital assets.


The Inner Workings of 0x: A Closer Look

0x operates as an open-source protocol embedded within Ethereum's blockchain infrastructure, functioning as a cornerstone of the DeFi realm. Its support for online marketplaces, digital asset swapping, and more makes it a versatile and critical component of the DeFi ecosystem. While most decentralized exchanges employ on-chain settlement protocols, 0x employs a hybrid approach. It stores trading orders off-chain and executes trade settlements on-chain, meticulously handling the roles of both makers and takers.


Makers and Takers: The Heart of 0x

Makers, individuals who place orders to buy or sell tokens, add liquidity to 0x's order book. Their orders specify desired token prices and pairings. 0x then embarks on a process of exploring options and identifying suitable deals for makers across multiple exchanges. Takers, on the other hand, place orders that are immediately matched, effectively removing liquidity from the platform. Makers and takers can establish direct connections, often through email, chat, or over-the-counter (OTC) trading desks, a practice especially common when there's an existing relationship.


0x's Innovative Features: The Keys to Its Success

0x boasts a range of distinctive features that have disrupted the decentralized exchange arena. These include token swapping, NFT swapping, and more, each contributing to its unique value proposition.


  • Token Swap: Through 0x's Matcha, a DEX aggregator, users can execute trades on multiple popular exchanges, selecting the most favorable deals from one or two platforms. 0x supports an extensive array of trading pairs beyond what a single exchange might offer. Token swaps involve makers creating orders specifying expiration dates, token prices, and types. Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain then locate takers' orders that match makers' criteria, with the actual token transfer occurring directly between the parties without intermediaries.


  • NFT Swap: 0x facilitates the seamless swapping of NFTs, a novel advancement in its feature set. This innovation streamlines the process, freeing up time for users and uncovering superior deals. The NFT swap functionality is set to expand its token compatibility, offer free noncustodial listings, reduce gas costs, and introduce other benefits in the future.


  • 0x Explorer: Embracing full transparency, 0x offers the 0x Explorer, a platform segment providing comprehensive statistics on usage. Users can access data on trading volumes across all exchanges, user counts, trade numbers, and more. Additionally, the Explorer identifies top liquidity sources, the most popular apps used for trading, the most active users, and recent trades, offering a holistic view of 0x's ecosystem.


Protection Mechanisms for Smoother Transactions

0x features two critical protection mechanisms: Price Impact Protection and Slippage Protection. These mechanisms address issues related to market price impact and slippage, enhancing user experiences.


  • Price Impact Protection: As users execute trades, they affect the market price of the paired assets, potentially causing liquidity issues. 0x's Price Impact Protection analyzes each trade request, determining its impact on leverage. If the impact surpasses a predefined threshold, users receive notifications indicating insufficient liquidity for the transaction. Customizable threshold settings allow users to tailor risk tolerance and review anticipated impacts before proceeding.


  • Slippage Protection: Decentralized exchange users often encounter slippage, where the executed price differs significantly from the quoted price, resulting in uncertainty. 0x employs Slippage Protection, which includes a model predicting slippage for each transaction. Smart modeling results are incorporated into quotes to offer complete transparency and the best possible deals. Overall, Slippage Protection has demonstrated a remarkable 48% improvement.



0x's Road Map: From Inception to DAO Governance

0x's founders originally conceived a more expansive vision for the platform, but they streamlined it from a liquidity aggregator to support Ethereum-based asset trading. In October 2016, 0x was launched, and its ICO in 2017 garnered $24 million in funding from major sponsors like Polychain Capital and Pantera Capital. The platform evolved further, adding support for ERC-721 token trading in 2018, thus enabling fast NFT trades across various exchanges. In mid-2021, integration with Matcha was completed, empowering 0x to identify optimal prices and execute trades across different exchanges. Governed by DAO with ZRX as its governance token, 0x allows ZRX token holders to influence the platform's future development.


Unveiling ZRX Tokenomics and Price Predictions

ZRX, 0x's native token, operates as an ERC-20 token utilized for transaction fees on the platform. ZRX holders also participate in governance voting, shaping the platform's direction. The total supply of ZRX is one trillion tokens, with 500 million released during the ICO in 2017. Currently, 847 million tokens are in circulation. As of January 25, 2023, ZRX boasts a market cap of $188 million.


Contemplating ZRX as an Investment

While ZRX primarily serves as a utility token for transaction fees, it also attracts investors seeking potential returns. Like most cryptocurrencies, ZRX exhibits volatility, offering opportunities for both short-term and long-term holders. Strategic timing is essential for optimizing profits.


Price predictions for ZRX suggest promising prospects. According to PricePrediction, ZRX may reach $0.39 by the end of 2023. By the conclusion of 2025, it could ascend to $0.81, with further projections anticipating $1.19 in 2026 and $2.60 by the end of 2028. The forecast even extends to 2030, with a potential price of $5.32.


Acquiring ZRX: Where and How

ZRX can be purchased through several exchanges, including BingX, which offers the ZRX/USDT Spot Trading pair and ZRXUSDT Perpetual Contract. Exploring ZRX as an investment option requires a thorough understanding of its utility and potential benefits, coupled with careful consideration of market dynamics.




0x, the liquidity aggregator and decentralized exchange, signifies a transformative force in cryptocurrency trading. Its innovative features, commitment to transparency, and user-centric approach distinguish it as a game-changer in the blockchain arena. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrencies, comprehending the intricacies of 0x and its native token, ZRX, empowers you to navigate the dynamic crypto markets more effectively. 0x's contribution to the realm of decentralized finance is indisputable, and its journey continues to reshape the financial landscape, one transaction at a time.

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