Arkham Intelligence (ARKM): The Future of Financial Data Analysis

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Many crypto traders use technical analysis to predict the price movement of cryptocurrencies. However, this method alone may not always give an accurate prediction. As crypto and blockchain technology advance, a unique form of analysis called transaction analysis is emerging.
Blockchain transactions are stored publicly, but they are anonymous, which makes tracking and analyzing them challenging. Arkham aims to change this by deanonymizing and analyzing blockchain data. This will make the crypto industry more transparent and liquid, giving even conservative traders more confidence in making profits.
Arkham provides an intelligence platform with detailed blockchain analytics powered by artificial intelligence. They also have an Intel Exchange where users can trade crypto intelligence using the ARKM token. The ARKM token is essential for the Arkham Intel Exchange and is given as an incentive and for discounts to Arkham platform users.

What is Arkham Intelligence?

Arkham is a platform that studies and analyzes blockchain transactions. They want to connect these transactions with real-world people and entities to make things more transparent. The project has two main parts: an intelligence platform and the Arkham Intel Exchange.
The intelligence platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gather lots of information for analysis. It helps them understand the data better. On the other hand, the Arkham Intel Exchange works like a bounty and auction system. People can trade addresses and transactions using ARKM, which is Arkham's own currency.

How does Arkham Intelligence Work?

The Arkham intelligence platform gathers information from different blockchains and analyzes it thoroughly. It organizes this data and can provide specific details whenever needed. It helps to figure out the real people behind blockchain addresses. The Arkham Intel Exchange lets people trade crypto intelligence, like blockchain addresses and transactions, in two ways: by putting up ARKM tokens as bounties or by bidding in auctions.

What Is the Arkham Token (ARKM)?

The Arkham token (ARKM) is used on the Arkham Intel Exchange, and you can earn it in two ways. First, by doing helpful tasks for the Arkham community, you get rewarded with ARKM tokens. Second, if you use ARKM for transactions or hold it, you get a discount of up to 60%.
ARKM was first sold on Binance launchpad for $0.05. Early supporters of Arkham also received free ARKM tokens in an airdrop. There are 1 billion ARKM tokens in total, with 150 million currently available. The rest of the 850 million tokens will be gradually unlocked over seven years. Here's how the ARKM tokens are distributed:

Arkham Token Price Prediction

As of August 1, 2023, the current price of ARKM is $0.51, which is 37.3% lower than its highest price of $0.798.
Even though the price has been going down since it started, many analysts believe that the future value of ARKM will be good. Some experts predict that by 2025, it might reach $1, and by 2030, it could even go up to $4. Other experts are also positive, expecting it to average around $1.97 in 2035 and reach $4.55 by 2030.
You can trade ARKM on BingX as a spot pair (ARKM/USDT).
But remember, these predictions are not financial advice. If you're thinking of investing in altcoins like ARKM, always do your own research, especially with new projects that can be more volatile.

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