A Guide to Multi Deposit Address

Trading Made Easy 2023-08-07 23:34:46
Through its recent upgrade, BingX is dedicated to elevating user privacy and security. This novel addition permits every BingX user to include a maximum of 100 deposit addresses per supported blockchain within their BingX account. Furthermore, users have the ability to attach individualized annotations to each newly incorporated deposit address, simplifying the process of distinguishing and monitoring transactions. While initiating deposits, users are afforded the convenience of selecting addresses from a dropdown menu or opting for entries from their address book, thereby optimizing the deposit procedure.


BingX introduces token queries, unveiling a comprehensive list of addresses linked to the chosen blockchain, providing users with extensive insights into their assets. To amplify ease of use, users can seamlessly export their address book to create a local document. BingX presently accommodates five Layer 2 blockchain initiatives: Arbitrum, Base, Optimism, Linea, and zkSync Era (V2). Looking ahead, forthcoming support is planned for additional blockchains like StarkNet and LayerZero.
1. For every network, users are permitted to include a maximum of 100 deposit addresses.
2. The name of each address is editable.
3. Address selection can now be made from either the dropdown menu or the user's address book.
4. Coin inquiries are facilitated. By selecting a network, all addresses associated with that network will be displayed.
5. Exporting addresses to Excel is supported.

Step-by-step Guide

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use BingX's most recent upgrade and addition of Multi Deposit Address, using the Linea network as an example.
2. Click "Deposit"
3. Select the "Linea" network
5. Select "Add Address" to add an address and name the address
6. "Export" addresses with one click for easier management
The inclusion of Multiple Deposit Addresses and Address Book underscores BingX's commitment to fulfilling users' requirements and simplifying their engagement with cryptocurrencies. This enhancement represents another stride in BingX's ongoing pursuit of enhancing user-friendliness in crypto trading. This update underscores BingX's dedication to satisfying users' demands and streamlining interactions with cryptocurrencies. BingX continues to lead the way in cryptocurrency industry innovation, consistently broadening its offerings to establish a seamless and secure trading environment for its global user community. By introducing the Multiple Deposit Addresses and Address Book feature, BingX reaffirms its pledge to empower users with the necessary tools for efficient management of their digital assets.

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