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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been a presence in our surroundings for a while now. However, it's easy to become disoriented amid a sea of acronyms and neologisms within this continuously expanding industry. Although these colloquial expressions might initially appear perplexing, they carry substantial significance. Investing time in comprehending the manner in which the NFT community engages and communicates can significantly enhance your grasp of this distinct investment avenue. The positive aspect is that delving into this terminology isn't challenging; once you become accustomed to it.


The Relevance of Proficiency in NFT Slang

Some may view staying current with internet slang as trivial and extraneous. Yet, if your aim is to seamlessly integrate and converse like a seasoned participant within the web3 or NFT realm, acquiring familiarity with fundamental NFT jargon becomes imperative—it's your passport to navigating these domains adeptly. An important consideration is that the value of NFTs is intricately interwoven with the interplay of supply and demand. Consequently, even seemingly arbitrary internet trends can bear repercussions for investors. Proficiency in the prevailing NFT lexicon empowers you to glean essential insights for making prudent investment decisions.



Exploring NFT Slang: Unveiling 40 Essential Terms

Embarking on an exploration of NFT slang, terminology, and meanings that can substantially elevate your fluency in the realm of NFTs. Here are the top expressions you should familiarize yourself with:


  1. Art Blocks

Art blocks encompass sought-after NFT categories rooted in the Ethereum blockchain. These leverage programmable generative minting technology to craft distinct, entirely random digital art pieces.


  1. Airdrop

An airdrop entails the automatic distribution of freshly minted NFTs by NFT projects or creators to community members or promoters. Airdrops can comprise NFTs, tokens, or coins.


  1. AFAIK

AFAIK signifies "as far as I know," frequently employed during discussions centered around NFT speculation.


  1. Ape In

"Ape in" denotes the act of rapidly investing all available funds into a singular NFT or crypto coin. This term, often used as a verb, suggests impulsive investment driven by excitement rather than prudent judgment.


  1. ATH/ATL

ATH represents "all-time high," while ATL signifies "all-time low." These expressions indicate that digital assets or collectibles have reached their pinnacle or nadir prices.


  1. Blue Chip

A blue chip NFT denotes a project anticipated to be reliable and stable, akin to long-term investments like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Within the NFT domain, it can refer to established digital PFP images such as CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club.


  1. Buy the Dip

Transcending stock investment jargon, this phrase is applicable to NFTs, signifying the recommendation to purchase NFTs when their prices experience a temporary decrease.


  1. Copycat

Copycat NFTs are replicas of popular NFTs with minor variations. For instance, a copycat NFT could adapt the Bored Ape structure for a series of bird-themed NFTs.


  1. DAO

DAO represents "decentralized autonomous organization." These are community-governed entities overseeing NFT collectives.


  1. Ded

A playful version of "dead," signifying extreme exhaustion or irrelevance.


  1. Delayed Reveal

A strategy involving the distribution of digital collectibles to users before their contents are unveiled. Users inspect their NFTs post entering a password, waiting for a designated period, or fulfilling certain conditions.


  1. Delist

To remove an NFT from prominent marketplaces, rendering it unavailable for public purchase.


  1. Diamond Hands

Originating from stock investor memes, this term symbolizes unwavering conviction in retaining stocks or NFTs, implying a high-risk tolerance despite volatility.


  1. Dutch Auction

In contrast to standard auctions, Dutch auctions initiate with the highest price, which gradually decreases until a desired price point is achieved.


  1. DYOR

DYOR stands for "do your own research," underscoring the significance of investigating an NFT's background before acquisition.


  1. Flipping

NFT flippers acquire or mint NFTs at lower prices, holding them until values rise, enabling resale at higher prices in secondary markets.


  1. Floor Price

The lowest-value NFT within a collection, exemplified by the current lowest listed price for any specific NFT type.


  1. Floor Sweeping

Floor sweeping entails purchasing numerous NFTs at minimal prices promptly. This action preempts demand-induced price surges.


  1. Free Minting

The creation of new NFTs at no cost, typically accompanied by specific actions such as signing up or engaging in a task.


  1. Gas

Gas refers to blockchain operation fees. NFT transactions entail a small gas fee for transferring ownership.


  1. Gas Wars

Instances where users bid on gas fees, striving to secure priority in transaction processing during high-demand periods.


  1. Generative Art

Also known as "AI art," generative art involves algorithmically generated digital artworks, often arranged in random configurations.



GMI stands for "gonna make it," while WAGMI signifies "we’re all gonna make it." These expressions reflect optimism regarding NFT profitability.


  1. IRL

IRL stands for "in real life," denoting actions transpiring offline, distinct from online engagement.


  1. LFG

LFG stands for "Let's fucking go," encapsulating excitement over events like NFT releases or price spikes.


  1. Liquidity

Liquidity denotes the ease of converting assets to cash without diminishing their value. NFTs are liquid yet locked, while staked NFTs aren't.


  1. Minting

Minting signifies NFT creation, occurring each time a new NFT is generated.


  1. Open Edition

Open edition permits users to mint numerous NFT editions within a short time frame. No limitations apply within the allocated period.


  1. Paper Hands

"Paper hands" describe individuals prone to promptly selling NFTs based on minor price fluctuations, reflecting low-risk tolerance.


  1. PFP

PFP is an abbreviation for "profile picture," encompassing NFTs depicting characters like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.


  1. P2E

P2E signifies "play to earn," spotlighting NFT P2E games wherein participants play games to earn NFT rewards.


  1. Pumping

"Pumping" involves artificially inflating NFT values, often through marketing or token manipulation.


  1. Rarity

Rarity pertains to the exclusivity of NFTs due to their scarcity, contingent on factors such as quantity and aesthetic attributes.


  1. Rug Pull

A scam prevalent in the crypto space, involving the abandonment of a promising project after accumulating substantial funds.


  1. Raids

Raids resemble virtual flash mobs, organized to amplify awareness for an NFT project through coordinated online campaigns.


  1. Secondary Market

Secondary markets vend NFTs not produced by the minters themselves. The primary market comprises minters, while entities like BingX represent secondary markets.


  1. Snapshot

A snapshot offers a succinct overview of an NFT's history, including past owners and transaction frequency.


  1. Utility

Utility signifies real-world value associated with an NFT. Holders of utility NFTs gain access to rewards, memberships, or benefits.


  1. Wen Moon

A play on the meme suggesting astronomical price surges, "wen moon" humorously inquires about the anticipated spike.


  1. Whales

Whales denote individuals exerting significant influence on the NFT market due to their substantial holdings, capable of impacting prices and DAO decisions.




The aforementioned compilation encapsulates the foremost NFT slang expressions essential to grasp within this rapidly evolving sector. NFTs and web3 thrive on community engagement, and we value your contribution in keeping us informed about the freshest terminology! Feel free to enlighten us about any additional nuances we might have overlooked!



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