SPUR: Tottenham Hotspur FC Token

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The SPURS token is a fan-oriented cryptocurrency token introduced on the CHZ blockchain through a partnership between the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and CHZ. Given that the team participating in the English Super Cup is known as the Spurs, the token is aptly named the "Spurs token." Its primary function is to empower fans by enabling them to engage in various club-related activities. This includes the ability to vote on player attire choices, make match score predictions, and even participate in jersey auctions.


How it works?

Holders of Fan Tokens can actively participate on the Socios platform by making score predictions, selecting their favorite players using a team selector, checking in, and casting votes in official team polls. These engagements result in the accumulation of reward points, ultimately granting access to exclusive club experiences.


Estimated Price of SPURS Token

The price of the SPURS token closely resembles that of meme tokens, as it hinges on the size of its community to determine its ultimate worth. Additionally, being built on the CHZ blockchain, the recent surge in CHZ prices is expected to drive an increase in the SPURS token's value following its listing.

Presently, with a total supply of 40 billion tokens all held by fans, the SPURS token's estimated market value is approximately 4 million USD, considering CHZ tokens' current market value at 400 million USD. This results in an actual valuation of around 0.0001 USD. However, upon listing on an exchange, the fixed issuance price is set at 2 USD. This indicates that the token's market value is projected to reach 800 million USD, almost equivalent to the third-ranked cryptocurrency, USDT. Based on the number of fans, if all 40 billion tokens were to be sold, each fan would need to hold approximately 4,545 tokens, amounting to an investment of nearly 10,000 USD per fan.

Hence, it is anticipated that the token's price will experience a rapid rise post-listing, accompanied by substantial selling pressure, unless the listing price diverges from the 2 USD mark.

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