Stop Hunting: How to Trade Crypto and Dodge the Whales

Trading Made Easy 2023-11-08 08:38:31

Think of a big blue ocean where you're a happy little fish, swimming around and finding bits of treasure here and there. But in this ocean, there are also huge whales. In the crypto trading world, these whales are people or companies with lots of money who can make big splashes in the market. If you're not careful, these splashes can wash away your treasures. This is because whales can make moves that change the prices really fast, a trick called "stop hunting." But don't worry, even a little fish can swim safely if it knows how. Let's talk about how to keep your treasures safe from the big splashes.


A Real Trading Example

Let's say you bought a coin called "MagicCoin" at $10, hoping it will go up. But you also want to be safe, so you decide if it ever goes down to $7, you'll sell it to avoid losing more money. This is like setting a net at $7 to catch your MagicCoin so it doesn't sink to the bottom of the ocean.


Now, here comes a whale. The whale notices that many little fish have set their nets around $7 for MagicCoin. So, the whale decides to push the price down by selling a lot of MagicCoin really fast. The price hits $7, all the little fish's nets catch their coins and sell them automatically, and the price goes down even more, say to $6.


But the whale was waiting for this. As soon as all those coins are sold and the price is now $6, the whale buys them all up at this cheap price. Then, when the water calms down, and the price goes back up, the whale has made a lot of money, and the little fish are left wondering what happened.


Staying Safe in the Ocean

To swim safely and keep your treasures, you can be a little sneaky. Instead of setting your net at $7 like everyone else, maybe you set it at $7.30. It's not a number the whale might guess, so when they splash, your MagicCoin might stay safe.


Another thing you can do is not to use a net at all. Instead, you keep an eye on MagicCoin as you swim. If it starts to go down, you can decide what you want to do with it, rather than letting the net catch it automatically. This way, the whale doesn't know where your net is because it's not there!


Also, don't put all your treasures in one place. If you have MagicCoin, ShinyToken, and WonderDollar, and a whale splashes MagicCoin, you still have the other two safe and sound. This is like having your treasures spread out in different hiding spots in the ocean.


Knowing the Ocean Currents

If you understand why the current moves in the ocean, you can guess where it will take the treasures. This means learning a lot about why MagicCoin's price might change. Maybe a new game is using MagicCoin, so more people want it, which could make the price go up. If you know this, you can be ready if a whale tries to make a big splash.


Keeping Your Fins Steady

It's easy to get excited when you see other fish chasing after a shiny new coin or rushing away from a sudden splash. But if you keep your fins steady and remember your swimming lessons (your trading plan), you won't get swept away by the waves of excitement or panic.



In the big ocean of crypto trading, the whales have a lot of power, but that doesn't mean you can't find treasures. By setting your nets at smarter prices, keeping an eye on your coins yourself, hiding your treasures in different places, learning about the ocean currents, and swimming steady, you can keep your treasures safe and enjoy your swim in the big blue crypto ocean.

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