Understanding Unibot

Trading Made Easy 2023-07-28 22:43:24
Unibot is a new and popular Telegram bot that lets users trade cryptocurrencies without leaving the Telegram app. It's easy to use and offers useful features like decentralized copytrading, limit orders on decentralized exchanges, and protection against certain bots.
In recent weeks, Unibot has gained a lot of popularity because it helps level the playing field for traders and gives smart investors access to opportunities that were hard to find before.
The platform's trade volume, revenue, and number of users have gone up significantly in the past two months, and its $UNIBOT token is one of the best-performing digital assets this year.


Unibot is a special bot on Telegram that helps people trade cryptocurrencies more efficiently and manage risks. It offers a bunch of tools for users to execute their trading strategies, protect themselves from certain bots, and copy successful traders. The bot is free to use and super easy to control with its Telegram interface. They say it's 6 times faster than trading manually on Uniswap, which is great for people who want to trade faster and smarter. Unibot has lots of features for trading. Some of the big ones are:
Limit Orders: You can set up automatic orders to buy or sell when the market reaches a certain price on platforms that don't normally support this feature.
Sniper Tools: You can copy the trades of successful traders or follow specific wallets, so you don't miss out on new token launches.
Fail Guard Sell: You can check if your orders will fail before you make them to save money and make better trades.
PNL Analysis: You can easily track your profits and losses to see how you're doing.
Private Transactions: You can make trades that are protected from certain bots, so you have less chance of getting caught in tricky attacks.
Unibot also has a cool way to give back to its users. 40% of transaction fees and 2% of trading volume (for the first 90 days, then 1% later) goes to the people who own the $UNIBOT token. According to some data, this means token holders get about a 37.87% annual return. While the $UNIBOT token has a little transaction tax, the team behind Unibot is working to make the token supply smaller by buying some back and burning it.


Unibot, also known as $UNIBOT, is a Telegram bot with a market capitalization of around $175 million. Each $UNIBOT token is worth approximately $175 at the time of writing. There are one million Unibot tokens in total, and they are all currently in use. When fully diluted, Unibot's value would be $17.5 million.
Unibot makes money through taxes and bot fees. Taxes from each trade are added to a Tax Pool Balance. When this balance reaches a certain level, it is converted into $ETH and distributed to token holders, the team, and used to increase liquidity in Uniswap V2 LP.
Despite having a market cap of $175 million, Unibot's revenue is comparable to projects like MakerDAO, Lido, and Uniswap, indicating its success in generating revenue and potential for a higher market cap. The tokenomics of Unibot reward token holders with transaction fees, making it a leading player in the Telegram bot market.

Revenue and Future Prospects

Predicting Unibot's future growth involves considering several factors. The bot's innovative features, like MEV-resistant swaps, copy trading, and limit orders, could attract more users and result in more trades. This would increase tax and bot fees, leading to higher revenue.
Investors might find the UNIBOT token more attractive due to Unibot's tax distribution system. This could boost the bot's value and market capitalization, resulting in higher APR and APY, making it appealing to both investors and users.
Unibot has made significant progress, with around 5,500 daily recurring users, showing increasing popularity. It has generated over 3,400 ETH in revenue in a short time, proving its usefulness. Unibot's current growth trajectory indicates a promising future, which is likely to improve as more people discover and use this advanced trading bot.

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