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Introducing CoinChartist (VIP): Expert Crypto Insights, Custom Technical Tools, NFTs & More

Tony "The Bull" 2023-06-02 04:00

In the always on and actively moving cryptocurrency market, staying ahead of the curve is paramount to success. For those seeking to gain an edge in crypto trading, look no further than the CoinChartist (VIP) Premium Substack Newsletter and the newly launched CoinChartist (VIP) Coin Collection.

Gain Access To Unparalleled Crypto Market Insights & TradingView Indicators

The CoinChartist (VIP) Premium Newsletter, a brainchild of Tony “The Bull” and, is the ultimate crypto trading and investing tool that delivers premium cryptocurrency market insights directly to your inbox. 

Tony “The Bull” is a highly-trained technical analyst and level 3 CMT candidate, trusted throughout the cryptocurrency industry. This weekly newsletter presents an exclusive blend of global market analysis, the latest trends, expert guidance, interviews with industry insiders, and more, empowering subscribers to conquer crypto market volatility.

Additionally, CoinChartist (VIP) provides access to three exclusive TradingView technical indicators, specifically designed for cryptocurrency trading:

bitcoin bullseye coinchartist (<a href=VIP) tradingview technical indicator" width="640" height="331">

Bitcoin Bullseye

Bitcoin Bullseye is a trend-following tool based on various sets of exponential moving averages. It is specifically designed for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and it signals potential tops or bottoms in the market.

trend wrangler coinchartist (<a href=VIP) tradingview technical indicator" width="640" height="331">

Trend Wrangler

The Trend Wrangler is based on the 200-Day Moving Average and is designed to work with all timeframes, highlighting the direction of the trend. Users are advised to hide the price chart to remove noise and focus only on the Trend Wrangler, helping them better ride trends and capitalize on extended price movements​​.

bitcoin bullseye coinchartist (<a href=VIP) tradingview technical indicator" width="640" height="331">

Raging Bull Indicator

This is a powerful momentum-measuring tool based on the Relative Strength Index. It is designed to work best with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, signaling when these assets are in a “raging bull” market. With the Raging Bull Indicator, traders can ride the wave of a raging bull market and capitalize on explosive price movements​​.

All these premium technical indicators are designed to provide serious traders and investors with an edge in the cryptocurrency market. Please be advised, however, future performance is not guaranteed.

Get An Exclusive CoinChartist (VIP) Coin NFT & Become A Founding Member

But that’s not all. The CoinChartist (VIP) Premium Newsletter takes a step further to offer the (VIP) Founding Members Program, unlocking unparalleled value and prestige. This exclusive program provides members with access to premium reports, personalized one-on-one technical analysis training sessions with Tony “The Bull”, and even a collector’s dream –– (VIP) Coin NFTs​.

CoinChartist (VIP) Coin NFTs combine the exhilaration of crypto trading with the novelty of NFTs and unique utility and value. These unique digital assets serve as an official membership token for CoinChartist (VIP) Founding Members, with only 21 coins in existence. The pseudonymous creator holds 1 of 21, leaving just 20 for founding members. The CoinChartist (VIP) Coin is much more than a collector’s item; it’s a key to a world of exclusive benefits​. Check out the full collection on OpenSea for more details.

What Does The NFT Offer For Utility?

Owning a CoinChartist (VIP) Coin NFT grants lifetime access to the (VIP) Founding Member benefits such as:

  • Access to a secret VIP Telegram channel with Tony “The Bull”.
  • One-on-one technical analysis and crypto trading training sessions with Tony (90 minutes, every 90 days).
  • Premium CoinChartist (VIP) TradingView technical indicators.
  • A weekly market report from Tony “The Bull”​.

Plus, you own the coin. This means you can sell it on OpenSea if the utility hasn’t provided the value you expected. 

Sign Up For CoinChartist (VIP) & Get Crypto VIP Treatment

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a crypto enthusiast, CoinChartist (VIP) is tailored for you, offering a premium suite of benefits that are unrivaled in the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain exclusive insights and tools that could give you the edge in the dynamic world of crypto.

Subscribe to the premium newsletter and be a part of the future with the CoinChartist (VIP) Coin NFTs. For a limited time only, Bitcoinist users will get 10% off the annual plan.

Get a free preview of CoinChartist (VIP) here:

Q: What is CoinChartist (VIP)? A: CoinChartist (VIP) is the ultimate crypto-focused technical analysis experience tailored for enthusiasts and professionals alike. It offers a premium suite of benefits, including a weekly newsletter report covering Bitcoin, altcoins, macro trends, and more. As a (VIP), you gain access to exclusive insights and tools that are unrivaled in the industry. Q: What do paid subscribers get? A: As a paid subscriber, you unlock a treasure trove of knowledge. You receive full access to a premium weekly newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox or accessible at But that’s not all! Paid subscribers also gain the privilege of using Tony’s custom technical indicators on the renowned TradingView platform. Equip yourself with the right tools to navigate the dynamic crypto market and make well-informed trading decisions. Q: How can I access the custom TradingView technical indicators? A: Accessing Tony’s custom TradingView technical indicators is now easier than ever. Simply fill out a convenient form, and your TradingView account will be granted access. Once logged in, navigate to the Invite-only scripts section within TradingView, where you’ll find the exclusive indicators designed specifically for (VIP) members. Q: What do Founding Members get? A: (VIP) Founding Members receive VIP treatment.

Founding VIPs enjoy exclusive priority access to Tony through the Founding Member (VIP) Telegram community. Engage in stimulating discussions, ask questions, and receive direct feedback from Tony and the Founding Member community.

Additionally, Founding Members receive a 90-minute technical analysis training session every 90 days to continually enhance their expertise.

Q: What are Founding Member (VIP) Coin NFTs? A: For a limited time, the first 20 Founding Members have the opportunity to choose a (VIP) Coin NFT from our curated collection. Owning an NFT grants lifetime access to the Founding Member program, showcasing your VIP status as an avatar or profile picture. Plus, should you decide to part ways with the program, you have the option to sell the NFT on OpenSea.