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Bitcoin Challenges Gold’s Dominance: Will The Crypto Asset Reign Supreme?

Christian Encila 2023-06-16 18:45

Bitcoin (BTC), the top cryptocurrency, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the financial world. Since the US banking crisis, the cryptocurrency has proven its mettle by recording superior growth compared to the traditional haven asset, gold. 

In recent months, Bitcoin has demonstrated a remarkable decoupling from gold, further solidifying its position as a distinct and independent investment instrument.

While the precious metal has long been regarded as a reliable store of value during times of economic turmoil, the emergence of Bitcoin has disrupted this narrative. The digital asset’s superior growth since the US banking crisis has captured the attention of investors worldwide, luring them toward the possibilities offered by this digital asset.

Bitcoin Outshines Gold

The alpha coin experienced a notable surge in 2023, leading to an impressive year-to-date (YTD) price increase of 50%. This relief rally has proven to be a catalyst for Bitcoin’s value relative to the yellow metal, as highlighted in a tweet by Glassnode, a renowned on-chain analytics firm.

The tweet revealed that it now takes 13.3 ounces of gold to acquire a single Bitcoin, marking a significant 46% increase since the beginning of the year.

Currently, the spot price of #Bitcoin is equivalent to 13.3 Oz of #Gold, recording a YTD increase of 46%.

Measuring from the COVID-19 low, Bitcoin has outperformed Gold by a staggering margin of ~430%.

— glassnode (@glassnode) June 14, 2023

Although this current ratio falls far short of the peak BTC/XAU ratio of 37 achieved during the bullish market of 2021, it still represents a remarkable growth (see image below) of 430% when compared to the lows witnessed during the pandemic.

Bitcoin’s dissociation from gold has also accelerated in the last few months. As of middle of this month, the BTC/XAU correlation was down to 0.17, according to statistics from Glassnode. From the multi-year peaks recorded in April, this was a severe correction.

Bitcoin’s Emergence As Safe Haven Asset 

In recent years, the leading crypto has garnered attention not only as a high-growth investment but also as a potential safe haven asset. Traditionally, the precious metal has held this prestigious title, offering stability and value preservation during times of economic turmoil.

However, the relief rally witnessed by Bitcoin in 2023 has further solidified its emergence as a viable alternative and a hedge against uncertain market conditions.

The global financial landscape has been marked by volatility and uncertainty, from the economic impacts of the ongoing pandemic to geopolitical tensions. In such times, investors seek assets that can protect their wealth and provide a sense of security. 

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Historically, gold has been the go-to safe haven because of its inherent physical properties and long-standing reputation. However, Bitcoin has started to challenge this status quo.

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature and limited supply, combined with its increasing acceptance and adoption, have positioned it as a potential safe haven asset. Its ability to operate independently of traditional financial systems and its resistance to inflationary pressures make it an attractive proposition for investors looking for alternatives.

Featured image from CryptoTab Browser