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Terraform’s Do Kwon Claims He Didn’t Know His Password Was Fake (Report)

AA News - Jordan Lyanchev 2023-06-18 12:45

Do Kwon, who was recently arrested in Montenegro after evading authorities for months, claimed that he had no idea the Costa Rican passport he was traveling with was fake.

He admitted that he received the passport from an agency in Singapore.

  • Ever since the catastrophic collapse of the Terra ecosystem a year ago, Do Kwon, the person behind the protocol, has been blamed by many for his role. Although he claimed he was not trying to escape from the authorities, his location was unknown until recently when he was apprehended in the European country – Montenegro – while carrying a fake passport.
  • His time spent in a local jail has been somewhat controversial as his bail application for $400,000 was first granted before being denied and then re-approved.
  • Another report from days ago asserted that Kwon’s custody could be extended by six months before the authorities decide on whether to extract him to the US or South Korea.
  • During a hearing at the Podorica District Court in Montenegro’s capital on June 16, Kwon explained that he received the Costa Rican passport he was caught with through an agency in Singapore “recommended by a friend.”

“I traveled all over the world with a Costa Rican passport. If I had suspected that it was a fake passport, I would not have traveled to many countries.”

  • He also tried getting a Granada passport but was rejected. However, when asked about the name of that agency, Kwon said he didn’t remember it, and he only knew it was Chinese.
  • According to the report, Kwon also had a Belgian passport when he was arrested. Prosecutor Harris Chabotich said the two passports had different names and different dates of birth, which made it clear that they “were created with bad intentions. Please punish it appropriately.”
  • Kwon also urged the judge to punish just him for being caught with a fake passport, as Terraform’s former Chief Financial Officer who was with him – Han Chang-joon – was innocent.

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