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BingX Listed Solana Meme Token Solabrador $SOBER

BingX - Editor 2023-12-02 16:51

On November 29th, BingX launched Solabrador, a meme token on the Solana network, becoming the first CEX to list $SOBER. Solabrador is the first meme token on the Solana blockchain. The team has also released Solabrador NFTs, with floor prices around 1 Sol.

Currently, the community boasts 30K members, showing a considerable gap compared to the communities of other popular meme tokens on different chains. This is largely due to the token's recent listing, which is less than a week old.

BingX's grid trading feature also supports the $SOBER token.
Solabrador's official Twitter handle: @solabrador

The $SOBER token is now available for trading on BingX's spot market, trading pair: SOBER USDT.