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    About Zenon

    This is a cryptocurrency on a decentralized ecosystem that seeks to generate next-gen tools to power future digital networks. This currency is used to power the legacy network and will partner with Quasar once Alphanet is launched. Besides, Zenon can be utilized as collateral on the legacy ecosystem to develop nodes and pillars for wagering. After the launching of Alphanet, Zenon will also come in handy as secured collateral for Sentinel nodes and pillars, for wagering, and allocations of pillars.

    How it works

    Zenon is engineered with scalability in mind, thus facilitating significantly synchronized transactional throughput and at the same time maintaining decentralization. Besides, it has a dual-ledge mechanism based on a p2p network with disbursed topology. Again, it is a programmable cryptocurrency that allows for the tokenization of zApps development and value. Moreover, Zenon offers new secure and flexible means for users and developers to distribute and manage tokens. Also, with these tokens, you can develop and manage tokens within a short time with no coding or programming required if you use the syrius wallet.

    Release Time: 2019-03-01
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