The Fund Account now displays cost price and position PnL statistics, which will be calculated as follows:

1. Position PnL

Total Position PnL Amount: (Last Price - Average Cost Price) * Available Balance

Total Unrealized PnL Ratio: (Last Price - Average Cost Price)/Average Cost Price

2. Crypto Cost Price

Crypto Cost Price = Total Cost Value/Available Balance

Total Cost Value = Net Deposit Value + Net Transfer-in Value + Net Buying Value


Net Deposit Value: The sum of all deposits - the sum of all withdrawals
Net Transfer-in Value: The sum of all transfer-ins - the sum of all transfer-outs
Net Buying Value: The sum of all buy orders on Spot - the sum of all sell orders on Spot

Please note:

  1. The history cost price only counts the average filled price of Spot transactions. If you haven't traded Spot, the cost price will be calculated based on the opening price of the market on 2022-10-11 (UTC+8).

  2. The cost price can be edited if the current value differs from your actual cost.

Special Note: Due to the complexity of relevant data, there may be calculation errors and delays. The data is for reference only. Thank you for your understanding.