🔥Copy Traders on the "Newcomers Leaderboard" and Win Up to 50 USDT in Copy Trading Subsidy Voucher!🔥🔥


Event Time: 2023-04-25 to 2023-05-01 00:00 (UTC+8)


BingX has rolled out the "Newcomers Leaderboard" to help users discover new traders and seize future opportunities!

During the event period, simply copy any trader on the leaderboard to receive a subsidy voucher worth 10 USDT (without unlocking conditions). The reward can be claimed up to 5 times, with limited quantity on a first-come, first-served basis. Come and join now!


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Note: The Newcomers Leaderboard is only a statistical display of data and should NOT be considered investment advice. Please exercise caution, and do not trade beyond your means when deciding how much risk to take on.


📖 Event Rules:

1. The subsidy voucher issued in this event is designated for use to copy the trades opened by the trader you copied during the event period. It has no unlocking conditions and has a validity period of 7 days. Please use the voucher as soon as possible after receiving it.

2. The rewards are limited to the first 500 users who establish a copy trading relationship with the traders on the Newcomers Leaderboard during the event period.

3. The rewards will only be issued to users who have copied at least one trade opened by the trader they copied during the event period, and are still copying the trader at the time of reward distribution.

4. The rewards will be issued within 2 days after the event.

5. Any users involved in unfair activities, such as using multiple accounts (same IP addresses, equipment, or KYC), will be removed.

6. BingX reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.


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