1. First-Time Google Authentication Setting

If you are linking/setting up Google Authenticator for the first time, please refer to the following instructions to link Google Authenticator on the web or App.

1.1 From BingX Website
Step 1: Log in to the BingX official website and select "Account & Security" from the dropdown menu under the avatar icon.


Step 2: Scroll down to the "Security Center" section and you'll see "Google Verification". Click the "Link" button.


Step 3: Scan the QR code that corresponds to your mobile phone's operating system (iOS/Android) to download Google Authenticator. You can also download and install it directly from the app store.


Step 4: Open the Google Authenticator app and tap the "+" sign located at the bottom right corner. Next, scan the QR code displayed on the web page or click "Copy Key" on the webpage to complete the GA setup. Then click "Next" on the web page.



Step 5: Slide to complete the verification puzzle. Fill in both verification codes received via the registered email and Google Authenticator. Click "Submit" and the binding process will be completed successfully.

1.2 From BingX App

Step 1: Log in to your BingX account and click on the avatar icon to access the sidebar. Next, click "Security Center".


Step 2: After that, click "Google Authenticator".


Step 3: Click the "Download" button to go to the app store. You can download and install the Google Authenticator app from there. Click "Copy" to copy the BingX key.


Step 4: Open the Google Authenticator app and tap the "+" sign located at the bottom right corner. Paste the BingX key to link the GA.


Step 5: Go back to the BingX app, fill in both verification codes received via the registered email and Google Authenticator. Click "Link" and it will return to the "Security Center" page. Your Google Authenticator will show as "Linked", indicating that the 2FA setup is completed.



2. How to Unlink or Change Google Authenticator

2.1 If your Google Authenticator is available

If the Google Authenticator on your device is working properly, you can follow the steps below to manually unlink/change Google Authenticator on the web platform.

Step 1: Visit the official BingX website and log in to your account. Click on the account avatar in the dropdown menu and select "Account & Security".


Step 2: In the "Security Center", you'll see "Google Verification". Click the "Link" button.


Step 3: Click "Get Code" and slide to complete the puzzle. Enter email code and the GA code, and click "Confirm".
After removing Google Authenticator, the system will automatically log out your account. If you wish to continue using BingX services, please log in again.


2.2 If Google Authenticator is unavailable

If you have changed devices or have uninstalled Google Authenticator, please contact BingX online support for assistance in unlinking or changing it. Depending on your KYC status, please provide the following verification information to the online support:

  • If you have completed KYC verification, please provide your BingX UID, full name, a photo of yourself holding your ID and a handwritten note that includes your BingX UID, date, and the purpose of this request.
  • If you have not completed KYC verification, please submit specific screenshots of any deposit record from another exchange to BingX, including the deposit address, amount, and timestamp.
If the system determines that your account carries a high risk, you may be required to provide further verification information. The online support will inform you of the specific information needed based on the system's assessment, and you need to provide the requested information to ensure the safety of your account funds.


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