Q1: How to become a P2P merchant?

A1: You can view the merchant application requirements and merchant guide on the "Merchant Application" page.

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Q2: How can I earn money through P2P trading as a merchant?

A2: You can obtain USDT that needs to be traded from a third party and earn the exchange rate difference by publishing buy/sell USDT ads on BingX P2P Trading platform.

You can also place buy and sell ads at the same time on BingX P2P Trading platform to capitalize on the price difference between the two orders. It is recommended to refer to the corresponding fiat currency exchange rates and ads from other merchants on the platform to set competitive prices, thereby attracting more orders.

The platform will also launch incentive events for P2P merchants from time to time. Please keep an eye on BingX's official announcements.


Q3: How can I increase the exposure of my ads?

A3: After users perform a search on the P2P Trading page, the system will sort the ads that meet the criteria based on a comprehensive algorithm. The main factors include price, transaction rate, and average transaction time. Setting competitive prices, improving the transaction rate, and reducing the transaction time will help increase the exposure of your ads.


Q4: How can I set my business/closing hours?

A4: Go to "My Ads" on the P2P Trading page. If you already have active ads, click the "Open" button in the upper right corner.

You can set "Pause Business" or "Auto Close" according to your needs.

Pause Business: After switching it on, your ads won't be displayed in the P2P ad list. To resume business, simply switch it off.

Auto Close: After switching it on, your ads won't be displayed in P2P during your set hours.

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Q5: Why are my P2P ads taken down?

A5: If you violate BingX's P2P merchant rules, engage in malicious diversion of traffic, or have too many complaints on P2P orders within a short period of time, your ads may be taken down. If you need to resolve this issue, please contact us on Telegram @BingXP2P or send an email to p2p@bingx.com.


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