At BingX, we are committed to providing a fair trading environment for all our users. To that end, our Perpetual Futures feature a Dual Price Mechanism and an exclusive Guaranteed SL function to protect users from forced liquidations during sudden market volatility, thus preventing unnecessary losses.
1. BingX Dual Price Mechanism
Conventional single-price liquidation mechanisms often lead to extensive forced liquidations when there's a significant deviation between the market price and the spot price in futures trading due to rapid market fluctuations.
BingX Perpetual Futures employs a Dual Price Mechanism: Users can still maintain their existing position even if it's marked as liquidated based on the Mark Price, as long as the last filled price calculation indicates they haven't triggered the forced liquidation threshold. This effectively safeguards users from malicious liquidation triggered by significant deviations between mainstream spot prices and platform prices, thus averting unnecessary losses.
For more information: Perpetual Futures | New Dual-Price Mechanism
2. BingX Guaranteed SL
Stop-loss is a common futures trading strategy that allows traders to reduce their positions in the event of losses. This approach helps users prevent substantial losses and achieve better risk control.
The Guaranteed SL is introduced exclusively by BingX. Even amid abrupt market fluctuations, this feature ensures your SL order will be executed and closed at your preset price. BingX assumes the slippage risk on your behalf.

Note: A Guaranteed SL fee will only be charged in the event that this risk materializes and triggers the mechanism. The fee charged will be based on the trading volume. (Currently, this feature is included as part of a limited-time promotional event).
The prerequisites of forced liquidation for BingX Perpetual Futures are based on risk ratio. If the risk of your Futures position is ≥100%, it may lead to a partial reduction or forced liquidation of that position.
Risk is an indicator evaluating the sufficiency of the collateral asset in a contract. A lower risk indicates that the collateral assets are sufficient and the position is more secure, while a higher risk indicates that the collateral assets may face shortage and the position is less secure.
Users are advised to monitor changes in the risk of their positions and stay attentive to emails, push notifications, and messages for relevant notifications in order to prevent forced liquidation.
  • Isolated-Margin Mode Risk = (The maintenance margin of the isolated margin position + position closing fee) / (position margin + unrealized PnL)
  • Cross-Margin Mode Risk = (The combined maintenance margin of all cross-margin positions + position closing fees of all cross-margin positions) / (balance - all margins used in isolated-margin positions - frozen assets + all unrealized PnL of cross-margin positions)
Note: The maintenance margin and position closing fee for cross-margin positions are calculated based on position data and the number of pending orders. Frozen assets refer to the margin and trading fees reserved for isolated margin pending orders and trading fees for cross-margin pending orders.
See also: Perpetual Futures | Forced Liquidation Rules
4. Avoid Blindly Adding to Losing Position
Assuming your wallet balance is 500 USDT. You decide to enter a long position in BTC/USDT perpetual futures and invested 1,000 USDT with 20x leverage at a BTC price of 50,000 USDT. In this case, the estimated forced liquidation price is 25,220 USDT.
Suppose, due to market fluctuations, BTC/USDT drops to 45,000 USDT (a 10% decrease) and you choose to add to the said losing position—let's say another 1,000 USDT with 20x leverage at 45,000 USDT. According to the aforementioned adjustment, your forced liquidation price would become 38,355.89 USDT. This implies an increased liquidation risk due to the higher liquidation price.
*The scenario described above is based on a cross-margin position with a maintenance margin rate of 0.004 and a trading fee rate of 0.0004. This example is for illustrative purposes only; the actual forced liquidation price shall prevail.


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