Keywords: Wrong Crypto, Wrong Address

Deposit wrong cryptos to an address that belongs to BingX:

  • BingX generally does not provide a token/coin recovery service. However, if you have suffered a significant loss as a result of incorrectly deposited tokens/coins, BingX may, solely at our discretion, assist you in recovering your tokens/coins at a controllable cost.
  • Please describe your problem in detail by providing your BingX account, token name, deposit address, deposit amount, and the corresponding TxID (essential). Our online support will promptly determine whether it meets the requirements for retrieval or not.
  • If it is possible to retrieve your currency, when trying to retrieve, the public key and private key of the hot and cold wallet need to be secretly exported and replaced, and several departments will be involved to coordinate. This is a relatively large project, which is expected to take at least 30 working days and even longer. Please wait patiently for our further reply.

Deposit to an incorrect address that does not belong to BingX:

If you have transferred your tokens to an incorrect address that does not belong to BingX, they will not arrive BingX platform. We are sorry that we are unable to provide you with any further assistance due to the anonymity of the blockchain. You are advised to contact the relevant parties ( the owner of the address/ the exchange/platform that the address belongs to).