Prohibition of Contract (Aligned with the International Standard Futures Platform)

Users are forbidden (the system uses the multi-dimensional feature recognition to judge the user's cheating). Using multiple accounts and devices for illegal arbitrage (including and not limited to brushing fees, rebates, bonuses, hedging, etc.), the platform will be detected by the system. Users who illegally arbitrage take corresponding measures (including and not limited to the title, freezing assets, restricting login, etc.).

In order to protect the normal trading experience of ordinary users, the platform reserves the right to exercise the following measures for users who are detected by the system to use ultra-short-line transactions (very short-term frequent opening and closing):

  • Immediately terminate your account and access to our servers and deduct illegal income.
  • Invalidate all transactions that constitute an ultra-short-term trading activity (ie, treat the transaction as never occurred).
  • Close all transactions that constitute ultra-short-term trading activity based on our current market price.
  • Increase your holding time (ie, hold a position for a period of time before you can close the position).

BingX strictly prohibits unfair trading practices. BingX reserves the right to exercise executive control over your account if you participate in the following actions:

  • Participate in price manipulation or any other malicious market activity;
  • May damage other users or BingX by exploiting the vulnerability of the Service or other unreasonable means;
  • Participate in any other activities that BingX believes are harmful to the market.
  • Use multiple devices and accounts to collect fees, rebates, bonuses, hedging, etc.