Dear BingX Users:

We have received reports lately that some scammers use the key information such as passwords that they obtained from users in the name of account operation to con users out of assets. If you encounter such scam, please take the following steps to contact the platform for help. The platform will actively respond and cooperate with you to safeguard your interests to the greatest extent.

Step 1: Report to the online support. The online support will send a Case Registration Form to quickly record and understand your experience. Please fill the form truthfully and in detail;

Step 2: The online support will hand the case over to the platform's legal department, and get back to you after 1 hour. Please pay attention to the chat box or the message center;

Step 3: For special handling of the suspected account in accordance with the law, please submit a "letter to freeze account" to The letter should include a Case Filing Decision, a Freezing Notice, and the police officer's badge*2.

Step 4: The platform will permanently ban the suspected account, hand the assets in the account over to its legal department for further handling once the scam is verified, and protect the interest of users as much as possible;

Important Reminder: For the safety of your account/asset security, please do not share your account passwords, SMS codes, Google verification codes, and any other private information with others. If you need help or have any questions, please contact our online support by clicking your avatar and then "Customer Support" on BingX App.

Online Support (UTC+8): 9:00~23:00 from Monday to Sunday.

BingX Operation Team