Key Words: Check Based on TxID, Block Explorer

On-chain assets transfers are divided into three segments: Transfer Out Account Confirmation - BlockChain Confirmation - BingX Confirmation.

Segment 1: An asset withdrawal marked as “completed” or “success” in the transfer out exchange system indicates that the transaction was successfully broadcasted to the blockchain network. But it does not mean that the transaction has been credited on the recipient platform.

Segment 2: Wait for the transaction to be fully confirmed by the blockchain network nodes. It might still take some time for that particular transaction to become fully confirmed and credited to the destination exchange.

Segment 3: Only when the amount of blockchain confirmations is sufficient, the corresponding transaction will be credited to the destination account. The amount of required “network confirmations” varies for different blockchains.

Please Note:

1. Due to the possible network congestion of blockchain networks, there might be a significant delay in processing your transaction. You can retrieve the TxID from the transfer out party, and go to to check the deposit progress.

2. If the transaction has been fully confirmed by the blockchain but not credited to your BingX account, please provide us with your BingX account, the TxID, and the withdrawal screenshot of the transfer out party. Our customer support team will help to investigate immediately.