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1. Trading Fee Rate
Taker (executed instantly): 0.075%; The current fee rate is discounted as 0.050%.

Maker (pending orders) fee rate: 0.045%; The current fee rate is discounted as 0.020%.

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2. Funding Rate

Without a fixed delivery date, the perpetual contract price and spot price may never converge. In order to make the perpetual contract's trading price close to the spot price, we’ve introduced the funding mechanism. Funding fees do not go to the exchange, instead, they are exchanged between the long and short positions. If the funding rate is positive, long position holders shall pay funding fees to short position holders, and vice versa.

In the isolated-margin mode, the funding fee will be deducted from the initial margin (or issued as a reward); In the cross-margin mode, the funding fee will be deducted from the balance (or issued as a reward).

Funding fees are settled three times a day at 00:00, 08:00, and 16:00 (UTC+8) and apply solely to existing open positions. (Settlements may be delayed up to one minute after the specified times. During the settlement process, users' position opening may be affected. At the same time, funding fees may fail to be settled for positions closed during the process. Please take note of your closing time.)

Funding Rate
= Clamp (MA (((Best Bid + Best Offer)/2-Spot Index Price)/Spot Index Price
-Interest), a, b)

*Interest = 0
*All trading pairs in Perpetual Futures: a=-0.3%, b=0.3%

Risk reminder: Perpetual Futures involves leveraged trading, and some trading pairs support high leverage. When going for leveraged trading, not only the position value but also the risk is amplified. Traders should be aware of the high risks that come with high leverage. 

3. Forced Liquidation

Margin Rate <= Maintenance Margin Rate + Taker Fee Rate

The maintenance margin rate is 0.5%, and there are currently no tiered ratios.

When forced liquidation occurs, the liquidated position is closed at the bankruptcy price, which means that you will lose all your initial margin. If the final liquidation price is better than the bankruptcy price, the excess margin will be remitted to the insurance fund. Conversely, if the final liquidated price is worse than the bankrupt price, the insurance fund can be used to cover the difference.

For detailed information about rates for Spot trading, Futures trading, and other types of fees, users can visit the BingX Fee Schedule.
We will continue to maintain and update the fee schedule data to ensure that you can always access the latest rate policy. VIP users can enjoy lower fee rates and more privileges.


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