Dear Investors:

If you are interested in buying crypto, please visit BingX’s website at and buy from the corresponding service provider. Please refrain from purchasing crypto via any platforms that are not associated with or part of BingX's partner list. (Currently, BingX has partnered with Banxa, MoonPay & XanPool on fiat on-ramp.) Buying crypto on OTC trading platforms poses great security risks and may easily cause asset loss. Please be aware of the risks involved in asset management and do not take any risky chances.

Links below are User Guide for Buy Crypto Service on BingX. Buy Crypto Announcement - Banxa BingX User Guide - Buy Crypto BingX User Guide - Buy Crypto - Moonpay Buy Crypto Announcement - XANPOOL BingX User Guide - Buy Crypto Special Notice: BingX does not handle any fiat currency deposits. Please note that the Buy Crypto service is provided entirely by third-party providers.