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BingX now provides 3 types of rewards for our users: Bonus, Rebate Voucher, and Trial Fund.

1. What is Bonus

The Standard Futures Bonus allows users to try out futures trading in the real market with zero risk. The profit generated from the bonus can be withdrawn while the loss of the bonus is borne by the platform. The bonus needs to be applied in accordance with its leverage limit. Orders created using bonuses will be automatically closed after 24 hours. Each trade can only use one bonus.

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2. What is Rebate Voucher?

Rebate Vouchers are applicable for trading fee rebates. Users can enjoy trading fee rebates with the Rebate Voucher. The rebate will be issued after the transactions.

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3. What is Trial Fund?

Trial Funds are issued as tradable assets in BingX and can be used with a user's own assets as Futures margin or to offset losses and trading fees. When used for offsetting fees, Trial Funds will be deducted prior to a user's own assets. Trial Funds can't be withdrawn. However, users can withdraw the profit generated from using Trial Funds.

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4. What is Copy Trading Subsidy Voucher

The "copy trading subsidy voucher" is a type of insurance used in users' copied orders. With the subsidy voucher, users who generated losses in the copied order will be issued with the corresponding amount during settlement. The maximum subsidy is capped at the value of the subsidy voucher.

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5. Differences Between Bonus, Rebate Voucher and Trial Fund

  Bonus Rebate Voucher Trial Fund
Can be used as trading margin
Can be used as trading margin together with your own assets
Can be converted to other currencies
Can be used to pay for trading fees
Can be used to pay for funding fees
Can be used to pay for withdrawal fees
Can be withdrawn from BingX ❌ 


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