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This video is for demonstration only. Actual transactions may be subject to market conditions and platform rules.

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1. What is the BingX Standard Futures Bonus?
Our Standard Futures Bonus lets users try out real futures trading without any risk. Profits are yours, but if things don't go your way, BingX covers your losses! The bonus is subject to leverage restrictions and will be automatically closed after 24 hours of use. Please note that only one bonus can be used for a single futures trade.

2. How to Use the Bonus
Step 1: App: My Avatar -> Vouchers; Web: My Avatar -> My Vouchers
Step 2: Choose "Bonus", tap "Use", and voila – you're ready to use your bonus!
Step 3: Tap "Use" to enter the Standard Futures trading page. Choose your trading direction, click on account, select "USDT Bonus", and you're all set to use your bonus to open a position.

3. Bonus terms and conditions

  • Each bonus has a "validity period", please use it before expiry.
  • Each bonus can be used once only.
  • The bonus can be used as margin in Standard Futures trading. The bonus cannot be withdrawn, but the profit generated by trading with the bonus can be withdrawn.
  • The orders placed with Standard Futures bonus will be closed automatically after 24 hours. If you want to manually close the order, please do so in advance.
  • Some bonuses can only be unlocked and used after meeting the specified trading volume (including leverage). The specific requirement on the bonus shall prevail.
  • Please take note of the leverage limit on the bonus. The bonus cannot be used if your order exceeds the leverage limit.
  • Some bonuses can only be used when users meet the requirement regarding the cumulative trading volume. The system will start calculating the trading volume upon users' receipt of the bonus. Users can check their trading volume progress at any time.
  • Trading pairs eligible for different bonuses might vary or be adjusted from time to time. The information displayed on the bonus page shall prevail.

Note: BingX uses the bonus as a reward to give back to our users. Please do not engage in any unfair activities to get the bonus. Otherwise, involved accounts will be removed.

4. How to get the Standard Futures Bonus?

  • New users can get the bonus by completing new user tasks.
  • Participate in BingX official events to earn bonuses of different values.


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