Dear Investors:


We have received reports and discovered that scammers are impersonating BingX with phishing websites. We would like to stress that the only BingX official website is The platform has provided the official verification function. Users can click "BingX Verify" at the bottom of BingX website, enter a domain name, email address, or other information to check if they are an official BingX representative, so as to prevent getting scammed.


BingX Official Verification Link:


  1. BingX Statement on Plagiarism

We have received reports and discovered that scammers are plagiarizing BingX's brand, features, interfaces, documentation, and even platforms and projects in an attempt to usurp our name and mislead investors, severely damaging BingX's brand.


BingX solemnly declares:

"BingX has never authorized any natural persons, institutions, teams, etc., to use the official brand to engage in any activities in other exchanges, projects, etc."

"The only BingX official website is If you have any questions, please get in touch with our online support."


We encourage users to visit the BingX official website stated above and be cautious of fraudulent platforms resulting in unnecessary losses. A derivatives trading platform requires stringent standards for its risk management, security and systemic stability. The BingX platform was launched after a year of dedicated R&D and testing. We have passed through users from 37 countries and regions and experienced dozens of black swan events to get to where we are today, stable and secure. Fraudulent platforms can copy BingX's interfaces, features, and documentation. However, they will not be able to replicate the core of our platform, which is risk management, security, and stability. Please be cautious of your fund security and note that many platforms will collapse and vanish with investors' money every time a black swan event happens.

  1. Risk Alert on Downloading of BingX From Non-official Channels

Please stay vigilant, and do not click on any suspicious links. Visit to download our product.

  1. Risk Alert on Non-official Accounts/Communities

We advise investors to be cautious of any non-official accounts/communities and activities that usurp the name of BingX. If you need any clarification on an event, please contact our online support.If you find any official account suspicious, please take a screenshot and report it to our online support. After verification, you will get a bonus reward if it is an accurate report.

  1. Malicious Platforms Impersonating as BingX

⚠️ Please do not visit any non-official domains to avoid phishing attacks.

⚠️ Please do not download apps from non-official channels to avoid getting scammed.


The following are some fraudulent domains that are highly at risk for phishing attacks. Please do not visit them to avoid unnecessary loss.