1. What is a red packet or Send Rewards?

The red packet (Send Rewards) is a special feature on BingX. The feature allows users to give or receive USDT. When a user sends a red packet, the system will deduct the respective amount accordingly. Users will be able to send a red packet through social media apps. When a red packet is claimed and opened, the fund is issued directly into the recipient's account for trading or withdrawal purposes.

2. What is the usage of the red packet?

Send Rewards: Send a crypto gift to your friends or to the public via the red packet feature.

Claim Rewards: Anyone can register and log in to claim the red packet. Open the red packet in a browser, and click "Get" and the funds will be credited to your account. They can be withdrawn or traded. The red packet is no different from a deposit. The funds will be issued to your fund account and can be withdrawn or traded. Download the BingX app to withdraw it.

Note: The red packet is applicable to USDT assets only. The unclaimed red packet will be returned to your account in 24 hours.

3. How to use the red packet?

Step 1: APP: Click on your Avatar - "Send Rewards"

Step 2: Choose between the normal mode: "Identical Amount" or the lucky mode: Random Amount: and enter details such as the amount, quantity, etc..

Step 3: Write a message for the intended recipient or use the default message.

Step 5: Once you have completed the setup, share it with your friends or followers on social media to enjoy crypto red packets together.

Step 6: After sharing your link, users can open it and get the funds by clicking on "Get". The user must be logged in to get the funds. Once claimed, the red packet will be shown in the history of Send Rewards.

4. Lucky VS Normal Mode

4.1 Lucky Mode

This is the default mode. Users will need to fill in the total amount, quantity, and message. Based on the quantity of the red packets, the total amount is split and assigned to users randomly.

Example: Mr. X wants to share a red packet on social media. The details are as follows:
  • Total amount: 9 USDT
  • Quantity: 3 red packets
  • Message: Best Wishes
  • Single amount: Random
In this scenario, Mr. X sets the total amount to be 9 USDT. The amount for each red packet is generated randomly and issued to the recipients' BingX account. Unclaimed red packets will be returned to his account after 24 hours.

4.2 Normal Mode

Users will need to switch to the normal mode manually and fill in the single amount, quantity, and message. The system will calculate the total amount based on "single amount" and "quantity" (Total Amount = Single Amount * Quantity).
Example: Mr. X wants to share some red packets to social media. The details are as follows:
  • Total amount: 9 USDT
  • Quantity: 3 red packets
  • Message: Best Wishes
  • Single amount: 3 USDT
In this scenario, Mr. X sets the total amount to be 9 USDT. If all red packets are claimed, the 9 USDT will be split evenly to the recipients' BingX account according to the [Single amount], i.e., 3 USDT.
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