Welcome to BingX as a P2P Merchant and share the global volume together.

1. What is P2P transaction?

BingX P2P is a user-centric fiat currency trading platform. It facilitates direct and handy fiat-to-crypto trades between users and merchants. Currently, BingX P2P supports USD, PHP, VND, etc. Other fiat currencies will follow soon. Please stay tuned!

2. Why become a P2P merchant?

(1) Have access to BingX's marketing resources and seize BingX's global growth potential
(2) One-on-one customer support exclusive to merchants
(3) Publish ads at no cost
(4) Get bountiful event rewards for merchants

3. How do I become a BingX P2P merchant?

(1) Application: click here to apply
(2) Application Requirements:
① Bind your account to your email and phone number;
② Complete the KYC identity verification;
Note: Once you have met all the requirements and submitted your application, our P2P team will verify your qualification within 5 working days. Please note that the result will be delivered to you via SMS or email.
Why can't I submit a merchant application?
Our system conducts automatic security checks on users' account. Due to detection of unusual risk factors associated with your account, we are currently unable to activate the P2P merchant feature. Thank you for your support.

4. How do I post an ad on BingX P2P?

(1) Go to BingX home page --> "Buy Crypto" --> "P2P", click on "More" --> "Post an Ad"
(2) Select a fiat currency and set a price;
(3) Input the quantity that you would like to sell, enter the limit per order, add a payment method, etc. to complete your ad setting;
(4) You have successfully posted an ad. The system will match your ad (if it is the best price) with an order placed by a buyer.
Special Note:
① The USDT you would like to sell needs to be transferred to your fund account before posting an ad;
② You can switch on Security Verification on the ad setting page so that the buyer can only see your payment information after completing identity verification.
③ You are advised to add remarks to remind the buyer to submit security verification materials in the chat and specify the required materials.
Reference for adding the remarks:
🌟🌟Pre-Transaction Notice to the Buyer🌟🌟
Please don't place an order or you can choose to cancel the order if you do not meet the transaction rules and requirements.
To avoid money laundering frauds, please provide the following materials in the chat for security verification before making a transfer:

✅ Required Materials:
1. ID card
2. The cover of your bank passbook (or other documentation showing your account name and bank account number)

✅ The receiving account will be provided to you after the verification is completed
# During the fiat-to-crypto P2P transactions, please DO NOT transfer the payment straight away. Once again, please DO NOT transfer the payment straight away.
# Please note that your payment and receiving account must be consistent with the account you provide for your KYC identity verification.
# If you don't have a bank passbook, you can submit a screenshot of your online banking that clearly shows your account name and bank account number.
# Please attach a screen recording if you will submit the screenshot of your online banking.
# The transaction will expire after 30 minutes. Please complete it before it gets invalid, or you can choose to cancel the transaction.

5. How do I complete the transaction with the buyer?

(1) Proceed with further security verification in the chat (for the sake of risk control).
You are advised to solicit the following KYC verification materials from the buyer:
① ID card;
② The cover of their bank passbook (or other documentation showing the account name and bank account number)
(2) After completing the security verification, you can send your receiving account to the buyer and remind the buyer to provide proof of his/her bank transfer.
(3) Confirm the receipt of the payment, remind the buyer to click on "Transferred, notify seller", and issue the crypto to the buyer. The transaction is thus completed.
Steps Guide:
A buyer places an order to buy crypto - facilitates security verification in the chat - the seller/merchant provides payment information - the buyer makes a transfer and provides a screenshot as proof - the merchant confirms receipt of the payment and reminds the buyer to click on "Transferred, notify seller" - the merchant issues the crypto to the buyer - transaction completed.
Required materials usually include:
1. ID card (photos of you with your ID card are required in some cases)
2. Bank account information
3. A disclaimer video (required by certain merchants)
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