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1. What is copy trading

Copy trading is a feature that allows copiers to copy the trades of multiple elite traders by automatically aligning with traders' trading activities and thus generating profits or losses. Copy trading saves users from the trouble of opening and closing positions and monitoring the market for themselves as all trades of the trader that they copy will be automatically copied.

2. Types of copy trading

2.1 Copy by position ratio
"Copy by position ratio" is a one-of-its-kind feature globally that is pioneered and recommended by BingX to safeguard copiers' interests in the best possible way. The fund that users invest in "copy by position ratio" will only adjust with the position of the copy trading account they copy. By copying the trading signals and the trader's real position ratio, copiers can achieve an ROI approximate to that of the copy trading account. It also supports copiers to trade autonomously (applicable to both Binance Copy-by-position-ratio and BingX Perpetual Futures Copy-by-position-ratio).

E.g., if the copy trading account has a net asset of 1,000 USDT and uses 30% of the fund, i.e., 300 USDT, with 5x leverage to buy long BTC/USDT, the copiers will also use 30% of their fund (suppose 100 USDT), that is, 30 USDT with 5x leverage to buy long BTC/USDT.

2.2 Copy by fixed margin

"Copy by fixed margin" is limited to copying the trader’s BingX Standard Futures account and only copies the signals of trades opened in the isolated margin mode. This type allows copiers to perform autonomous trading.

E.g., if the copier sets 10 USDT as the margin for a single copy order and the trader buys long BTC/USDT, the system will buy long BTC/USDT for the copier with a 10 USDT margin regardless of the margin/position ratio of the trader. And the trade will be displayed in the Position of the copier's USDT-M Standard Futures account.

2.3 Copy by spot grid

"Copy by spot grid" is limited to copying orders of the trader’ BingX Spot Grid Trading account.

E.g., if the copier invests 1,000 USDT in "copy by spot grid", it will copy the grid parameters of the trader’s strategy and subsequently create a spot grid order which will be displayed in the order history of Grid Trading. "Copy by spot grid" allows copiers to cancel the spot grid trading strategy at their own discretion.

3. How to start copy trading

Step 1: Access Copy Trading. APP: Homepage -> Copy Trading; WEB: Homepage -> Copy Trading.

Step 2: Select a trader. You can select from "Trending Trader" or "Conservative Trader" recommended by the system based on their past data. Click their avatar to view their "Share Trading Data" or "Feed". For any questions about any indicator, click the indicator to see Data Indicator Definition.

Step 3: On the trader's homepage, click "Copy Now" and enter Copy Settings.

  • Copy trading type: There are three types including copy by position ratio, copy by fixed margin, and copy by spot grid, depending on the share trading account that the trader uses.
  • Principal type: USDT and VST (Virtual USDT) for copy trading under Standard Futures; USDT for copy trading under Binance Futures and BingX Spot Grid.
  • Copy trading funds: For copy trading with BingX Standard Futures, users can set "Principal of a Single Trade", "TP/SL", "Daily Copy Trading Principal" and "Max. Position Margin". For copy trading with Binance Futures, users can set "Copy Trading Funds", "Copy trader's positions immediately", and"TP/SL". For copy trading with BingX Spot Grid, users can set "Trading Pair", "Copy Trading Funds", and "Copy Trader to Close Grid Parameters".

Step 4: Click "My Trades" to check copy trading data.

  • Overview: It displays "Today's Earnings" and "Total Revenue". Click "Details" to view more data.
  • Current: It Includes copy trading orders not closed yet.
  • Copying History: It includes USDT and VST copy trading orders already closed.

Step 5: Edit or cancel copy trading orders.

Go to "My Trades" - "Current" and tap the trader you are copying. Click "Stop Copying" to stop copying manually. Once canceled, you will no longer copy the traders' orders and the trader will no longer show on your copying list. Existing copied orders will be closed as the trader closes the orders. Click "Edit" to modify "Copy Settings".

4. Position closing or deleveraging
In the event of the following cases, the copiers' orders may be closed or deleveraged:

4.1 Copy by fixed margin (Copy Trading with BingX Standard Futures)

Traders: Close a position; TP/SL triggered for the traders' orders; Traders removed for violation of rules.
Copiers: Close positions manually; Forced liquidation occurs; Stoping copy trading.
Other: The trading pair is delisted.

4.2 Copy by position ratio (Copy Trading with BingX Perpetual Futures and Binance Futures)

Traders: Close a position; TP/SL triggered for the trader's order; Make a deposit; API deleted; Traders removed for violation of rules.
Copiers: Stop copy trading; Make a withdrawal.
Other: The trading pair is delisted.


>>>Start copy trading on BingX<<<



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