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Last Updated: 2022-08-13 01:19:44 (Updated every 15 mins) Profit Share: 8% (Settled daily)
Data Overview
Last 30D ROI
+13,506.58 Cumulative Earnings
Account Assets 839.74
Copier Profit +256.49
Copiers 375
Risk 5
Cumulative Copiers 807
Win Ratio 47.16%
Total Transactions 3797
No. of Winning Trades 1791
No. of Losing Trades 2006
Average Profit 36.01 (19.38%)
Average Losses -25.45 (-13.14%)
P&L Ratio 1.4:1
Average Holding Time 0.11H
Trading Frequency (Weekly) 1265.6 times
Trade Days 21D
Last Trading Time 2022-08-13 01:01
Currency Unit: USDT
Last 30D
No Data
ROI Cumulative PnL Account Assets
Weekly Profit
Last 30D
No Data
Risk Assessment
Last 30D
There isn't enough data to constitute a risk rating
180D Max. Loss
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-- Week
-- Month
Last 30D
No data for the last 30D

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