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2022-11-23 21:30
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🎉 Guest: @AlwayAlone   💰 Highest Cumulative Profit for a Single Copier is $4,932.04 🏆 Win ratio 94.43% 👑 Copiers cumulative profit: $20,115.76   How can I stay consistently profitable when the market fluctuates so violently? Our next #TRADERAMA guest, @AlwayAlone, is waiting to meet you on 2022-11-24! All your questions have the chance to be answered by our guest. Users of the selected questions will win up to $100!   ⏰ AMA Time: 2022-11-24 19:00-20:00 (UTC+8)   🎁 Interact & Earn 1. Earn Up to $100 in Reward if Your Question Gets Picked Before the AMA kicks off, leave a question that you would like to ask the guest in the comment section. If your question gets picked and answered by the guest during the AMA, you will win a random amount of Copy Trading Subsidy Vouchers worth $20-$100. 2. Lucky Reward Ten lucky users who leave a question will be randomly selected to win a $10 Copy Trading Subsidy Voucher each.   🏁Note: 1. The question should contain no less than 50 words. All languages can join! 2. Rewards will be issued within 5 workdays after the event. 3. Due to Copy Trading Subsidy Voucher limitations, if a trader wins the reward, they will be issued a Bonus of equal value instead.
🔥Coming Soon! #TRADERAMA Vol.11:How To Make Steady Profits in a Volatile Market?
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