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    SafeMoon은 곧 출시될 분산형 금융 거래소의 토큰입니다. 다가오는 출시는 거래소가 여전히 자금을 조달하고 있으며 아직 출시되지 않았음을 의미합니다. 다른 Defi와 가장 큰 차이점은 프로젝트 처리 수수료의 최대 10%를 청구하고 그 중 5%를 보유자에게 할당한다는 것입니다. SafeMoon은 총 상한선이 1조이며 Binance Smart Chain에서 실행됩니다.

    어떻게 일한다

    Safemoon was created with the intention of encouraging protracted commitment and discouraging reselling. It is accomplished by billing dealers a 10% charge, with 50% of the money flowing to Safemoon's current owners. The remaining 50% accrues to a liquidity pool that aims to sustain value stability further.

    So how does this work, and what features does it have which entices many users today?

    How does Safemoon work?

    The SafeMoon Protocol is a crowdsourced cryptocurrency. SafeMoon performs three roles throughout every trading activity: introspection, LP collection, and burn.

    SafeMoon's journey started a year ago after the crypto emerged and quickly drew notice because of its unique system: whenever an individual solds a SafeMoon coin, 5% of the proceeds returned to existing owners. In comparison, the remaining 5% is burned. This approach is supposed to restrict the token's availability and push up its value, enticing buyers to retain SafeMoon rather than speculate or day trade it. This was intended to be a "secure" means to attain the moon, as the term suggests meaning when a token's worth shoots up.

    Safemoon features and tokenomics

    SafeMoon is widely-used automation which integrates RFI tokenomics. It wants to create NFTs and trading, including charity initiatives and cryptocurrency educational applications. Token owners can receive additional Safemoon based on how much tokens they possess using the SafeMoon system. It could be as high as an APY of up to 80% when contrasted to standard interest funds. Because of its crypto technique, the SafeMoon protocol will acquire worth over time, rendering it a depreciating virtual currency.

    Abiding owners of Safemoon could also be recognized and rewarded by tokens. A ten percent punitive tax is payable to the person that executes the trade in every purchase. The initial 5% goes to distributed crypto transactions for stability, 2.05% is burnt, while the residual 2.95% is dispersed evenly to SafeMoon investors. Hence, the more Safemoon an investor has, the more rewards they shall receive. SafeMoon intends to increase its economic success with Automated LP, RFI Fixed Incentives, and continual burn.

    발표 시간: 2021-03-01

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