Elon Musk Sets Twitter's Bluebird Free

Trading Made Easy 2023-07-25 19:00:45

Twitter, the popular social media platform, has officially said goodbye to its iconic bluebird logo and introduced a new logo with an "X symbol." They are also changing the term "Tweet" to "Xeet" in their new introduction, as part of their effort to rebrand.


According to the CEO, Elon Musk, this is not just a simple company name change but a move to ensure freedom of speech. The "X" will enable better communication and management of the entire financial world in the coming months.


Musk revealed that Twitter has been acquired by X Corp to safeguard free speech and advance all applications of X. The plan is to create a super app called "X" that combines various functions, including encrypted messaging, tweets, payments, ordering food, and more. He also mentioned that the original limit of 140 characters for tweets, inspired by bird chirping, no longer applies, and now users can share content of any length, including hours-long videos.


In the future, X will enhance its communication and management capabilities in the financial world, which may involve introducing more financial features like payment systems and cryptocurrencies. The name "Twitter" will no longer make sense in this context, so it's time to say goodbye to it.


However, experts believe that such a rebranding move may come with challenges. Rebuilding the brand's appeal and cultural influence from scratch can be difficult. Analysts predict that Twitter's value could suffer a loss of $4 billion to $20 billion due to this name change. Despite the potential losses, Twitter's rebranding aims to expand its capabilities and explore new opportunities in the financial world.

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