OpenSea: P2P NFT Swap Launch

Trading Made Easy 2023-07-21 19:47:40

OpenSea has introduced a new feature called "Deals," which allows users to exchange NFTs directly with each other. NFTs are unique digital items like art, music, or collectibles. With Deals, users can propose, view, and accept offers to trade NFTs on OpenSea's platform, avoiding the need to use other sketchy websites or private messages.


How to use

To use Deals, users enter the username, ENS name, or wallet address of the person they want to trade with. They can choose up to 30 NFTs they want to exchange and decide if they want to add wrapped ether (WETH) to make the deal more appealing.


Once the assets are selected, the user sends the deal for consideration. To ensure trust, both sides of the deal must involve NFTs from verified collections on the same blockchain.


If the other person agrees to the deal, they will pay any necessary gas fees for the transfers. As of now, there are no additional fees or royalties for using Deals on OpenSea.


The feature is powered by OpenSea's native NFT protocol called Seaport, which adds an extra layer of security to ensure that trades are safe and reliable. It allows collectors to exchange NFTs within the OpenSea platform without facing risks that might be present on other external platforms.



In the event where users wish to keep their existing NFT, but have insufficient funds to purchase another NFT, users can consider trading NFT shards on BingX Spot NFT marketplace. Users can simply log in to their BingX account, click on "Spot" on the home page to enter the Spot marketplace page, and then click on "NFT Shards" to enter the NFT marketplace.


The BingX Spot NFT marketplace aims to make it easier for people to invest in NFTs, even if they have limited funds. It will lower the entry barrier for NFT investing, allowing users to take advantage of the potential growth in the NFT market. Additionally, the platform plans to offer a variety of NFT shards and related features based on the market's demands and the needs of its users.

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