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    About DAO Maker

    This is a developing technologies provider that establishes SaaS solutions for growing and ascent crypto ventures. Their leading merchandise is the DAO pad, an investment portfolio that facilitates multiple investments and allows the token holders to take part in premature token sales for adequately vetted developing projects.

    How it works

    Similar to most contemporary blockchain launchpads, DAO Maker needs the user to lock up a set amount of minimum DAO tokens to partake in launches. When it comes to writing, investors need to wager at least 500 DAO Token in the vault. Again, investors will be rewarded one Dao power for each wagered DAO token. Besides, investors can wager their DAO-USDC LP tokens to earn triple Dao power. By wagering DAO, investors also get yield on a chosen project token like Open Ocean, Yield protocol, and Evolution. Plus, Dao power is utilized in DAO Maker`s SHOs, DYCOs and SEED sales. The dynamic coin offering (DYCOs) is a kind of partly refundable token retail technique.

    DAO Maker is a platform that allows ventures to invest in projects and startups at early stages. In short, it is a launchpad that functions as an intermediary between investors and safety protocols that arises during fundraising.

    DAO Maker features and offerings

    Despite offering a complete range of B2C and B2B products, DAO Maker has distinguishing features that separate it from other platforms.

    Quality - Because they have been around since 2017, DAO Maker has been a part of several blockchain projects. Also, the platform has been part of several projects, especially at the incubation level. Besides, the team has a deep understanding of what can make a successful product.

    Large Allocations - While many people are looking to participate in IDOs, launchpads offer many people a chance to take part in them by limiting allocation per person low as possible. However, the returns from those projects might be lower.

    Accessibility - With this platform, accessing investments in the early stage gets simpler with the help of DAO tokens. As such, anyone with a verified account and at least stake DAO tokens of 500 can enter the lottery and win a slot in a specific project.

    Non-Inflative - DAO’s token is one of the few tokens that is treated as non-inflative. Capped at 312 million, this number won’t be increased in the future.

    DAO Maker Plans for NFT Marketplace

    The team is on the verge of launching the DAO Maker NFT project with the first project named the Maradona D10S NFT Collection. It is a unique collection that consists of about 5000 art profile pictures on the Ethereum blockchain. While it commemorates FIFA 2022, it serves as an opportunity to remember one of the greatest footballers of all time.

    The D10S collection is the only NFT drop to occur on behalf of the team’s NFT launchpad. Apart from that, artists who want to issue their NFT through DAO Maker’s new service can gain a lot of exposure to a growing community.

    Release Time: 2021-02-10

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