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    Much media attention is being paid to the next-generation crypto network, EOS, due to its outstanding ICO and distinctive features. A crucial aspect of this market entry is that the EOS ecosystem's goal is to make smart contract programming and integration more straightforward and the innovation of Dapps.

    The EOS platform's unique structuring virtually eliminates transaction fees, which is one of its most impressive features. In addition, the platform's extensibility is virtually limitless. According to reports, EOS can perform transactions per second better than major credit cards like Visa. Thus, EOS is the ideal platform for building decentralized applications (Dapps). Protocols known as Dapps, such as blockchains or tor, are designed to operate on distributed networks. Because they don't rely on centralized support, these applications vary considerably from their centrally controlled predecessors. To guarantee interoperability among Dapps, the industry relies on a set of industry standards. Thus, Dapps contribute to a broader view of the market by making it more accessible to all.

    Decentralized applications run on EOS, which is similar to Ethereum in that it serves as an operating system. The system includes a wide range of the most commonly used services and features for building Dapps today. This approach streamlines Dapp's development in general.

    EOS brings together many of the best features of popular blockchains to create something entirely new. The protocol's creators boast that it has Bitcoin's security and the programming ease of Ethereum in one package. Furthermore, the platform has greater scalability than Ripple, which is impressive in and of itself. All of these functions combine to make EOS among the best Decentralized app platforms on the market right now. EOS proponents have dubbed it the "Ethereum killer" because of the revolutionary technology it represents. EOS offers an upgrade to most of Ethereum's core features, but it will be a long time before EOS displaces Ethereum as the most popular Dapp platform in the market.

    How it works

    The EOS Network is a 3rd generation Layer 1 blockchain that is low-latency and highly performant blockchain that liberates developers to align their build with what they imagine—bringing together programmable architectures, versatile blockchain infrastructures, and custom smart contracts. What makes EOS unique is its technological stack and resilient community.

    The EOS Network has many communities with vibrant ideas and leadership. Token holders primarily work with developers and other ecosystem leaders to promote growth. The EOS community values transparency, openness, honesty, accountability, liberty, respect, and different core values of a blockchain. EOS is the first blockchain with a community-led foundation and user support. On EOS, token holders elected a foundation to spearhead network growth. During this same period, a group of community members started the EOS live support for users on the network.

    Release Time: 2017-07-02

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