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    About HODL 2.0

    HODL 2.0 is a community-driven Decentralized Finance (DeFi) coin that allows its holders to earn rewards. This cryptocurrency is based on the Binance Smart Chain which makes it possible for investors to earn $BNB just by holding $HODL tokens.

    The HODL 2.0 token is also an upgraded HODL V1 and it is valuable because it encourages investors to hold their coins even during a bear season. It helps to make cryptocurrencies more stable and secure.

    HODL 2.0 Features and Updates


    As a community-driven project, HODL 2.0 bring a lot of upgraded features than the former HODL V1 and some of the features are;

    • Rewards and Reinvest

    This allows holders of the HODL 2.0 tokens to reinvest the BNB gotten from the pool rewards into $HODL. There are no transaction taxes or fees upon reinvesting the gained BNB.

    • Automatically triggered buy-backs

    HODL 2.0 comes with a two-way automatically triggered buy-back technique that helps to keep developing long-term crypto prices and volume.


    Creating a hold 2.0 address is the first step in holding the token and that can be done via BingX exchange. The live $HODL price today is $0.000000002524 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,290.06. However, its circulating supply is unavailable and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 HODL coins.

    HODL 2.0 Team

    The HODL 2.0 coin was created by Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson, and Anthony Di Iorio.

    How it works

    The main aim of the HODL 2.0 project is to stabilize crypto volatility and reward holders for doing a simple task. However, the reward given to investors is equivalent to the amount of HODL 2.0 tokens in any wallet.

    For instance, investors with 1% of $HODL will get 1% of the BNB from the reward pool. This innovation helps the crypto industry to become a user-oriented and community-based ecosystem.

    Release Time: 2013-10-15

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