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    About Radicle

    RAD is an Ethereum digital token that runs operations or transactions on Radicle. The platform is an open-source network for code collaboration. It aims to develop a resilient platform for open-source, sovereign, and secure networks built on open protocols. Users don't need to rely on third-party intermediaries to reach an agreement; all they need is code. Currently, the article price is $12.94 with a $53,019,743 daily trading volume. There are 19,436,288RAD coins out in circulation with a maximum supply of $99,999,620 RAD.

    How it works

    The network is run by a peer-to-peer replication method that is built on Git. Data is then decimated via a process known as gossip. This means the parties in the network share and disperse data they like by storing redundant copies locally and then sharing (replicating) their local information with desired peers. Since all information on the network is kept locally through peers on the network, developers can exchange and combine Git repositories.

    Release Time: 2021-02-15
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