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    About Stakenet

    This is a fast portfolio for decentralized apps, also known as dApps, with its own cryptocurrency - XSN. It boasts being the first blockchain featuring Masternodes to be fast-network-ready. The team maintains that XSN has prompt, virtually free, and unrestricted transactions each second and is equipped with the first fast Network DEX operating on their Network. Again, Stakenet can perform lightning swaps.

    Stakenet is an open-source ecosystem for DApps (Decentralized Apps). By utilizing this network and its cryptocurrency, XSN, individuals can work with any distributed ledger. It is a unique platform since users can stake their currencies while they are secure in cold storage and earn rewards in various cryptocurrencies.

    However, Stakenet is more than just a staking network; it's also a network for stakeholders, allowing them to trade coins and store their earnings in a wallet. Furthermore, Stakenet is powered by a trustless proof-of-stake blockchain.

    The platform went live on March 5, 2018, and its main site followed a few days later. In June of the same year, the platform added to its team by assembling a new skilled group of individuals from various professions to work on its in-development features."

    How it works

    Stakenet is a reliable cross-chain portfolio that`s established on its cryptocurrency, XSN. People can effortlessly work with various blockchains by utilizing XSN together with its dApps. Potent nodes run the network and app services. The blockchain is shielded with a TPoS consensus, thus making it one of the most secure PoS networks. XSN is a digital currency with prompt, scalable dealings and virtually feeless over fast Networks. Also, like Ether and Bitcoin, XSN`s supply is not regulated by any company or government. With the TPoS, users can wager their coins from storage and receive rewards.

    By fusing the advantages of several blockchains into a unified interchain-controlling platform, Stakenet protects everyone's integrity. To create a strong interchain link for the crypto economy, it analyses the majority of its stakeholders, figures out how to connect them, and ensures the procedure doesn't compromise their integrity.

    The platform's native token is XSN. These were created on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains and can be transformed between the three blockchains through a bridging protocol. The coins are protected on the native chain using sophisticated multi-signature addresses, timelocks, and hashlocks, while XSNETH and XSNEOS tokens are opened on the opposite blockchain network chain.

    Stakenet Features and Updates

    A proof-of-stake blockchain with Masternodes and a lightning network is called Stakenet. It makes use of a liquidity mining and arbitrage functionality known as "Vortex" to connect XSN users to any decentralized or centralized exchange. Masternodes are continuously running, staking people's coins while secure in cold storage, splitting the block fees and rewards with the owners, and paying them in various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

    XSN is also among the first currencies to conduct Lightning Network Inter-Chain Atomic Swaps, which form the backbone of the Stakenet DEX. In addition to providing its clients with confidentiality and privacy during transactions, XSN currency also features instant, endlessly expandable transactions and nearly zero costs over the Lightning Network.

    Stakenet Team

    Stakenet consists of five teams working on its "in development" features. Currently, the platform is planning to proceed into the hydra stage, making it EVM compatible, easy to use in MetaMask and other fan-favorite wallets, and easy to plug into DeFi with the help of smart contracts. Find out more about the platform here.

    Release Time: 2018-03-05
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