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    Release Time: 2015-02-25
    1. What is USDT?

    USDT, or Tether, is a stablecoin whose value is pegged to the U.S. dollar. It is designed to provide stability and mitigate the volatility often associated with other cryptocurrencies.

    2. Who issues USDT?

    USDT is issued by Tether, a Hong Kong-based company. Tether maintains reserves that are meant to back the USDT tokens on a one-to-one basis with U.S. dollars.

    3. How does USDT maintain its peg to the USD?

    USDT maintains its peg to the USD by holding equivalent reserves in various assets such as commercial paper, cash, treasury bills, reserve repo notes, and fiduciary deposits.

    4. What are the benefits of using USDT?

    Using USDT allows users to have a stable digital asset that can be easily transferred and used for trading or storing value, while reducing exposure to the price volatility of other cryptocurrencies.

    5. Is USDT audited?

    Tether has faced criticism regarding the lack of a full, independent audit of its reserves. While they have published attestations from professional accounting firms, a comprehensive audit has not been conducted.

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