About TRON

    Since the beginning of the blockchain phenomenon, decentralized internet services have been a dream for many. One of the earliest protocols to give this goal an attempt was Tron. This blockchain-based cryptocurrency sought to create a distributed web that would effectively redefine the internet and how we share information. It is designed to facilitate communication and information transfer back and forth between content creators and the audiences they interact with without the need for go-betweens and third parties. By making this possible, creators may earn more rewards for their efforts while consumers might receive lower-priced products since creators will not have to pay out commissions to anyone else in the equation. Potential problems related to censorship and gate-keeping will also be taken care of by such a system. It will drive content sharing and entertainment by issuing financial rewards for participating and making it possible for others to join the network.

    How it works

    A Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism is what guarantees the network's security. Tron (TRX) was launched as a token on the Ethereum platform back in 2017 by Justin Sun, a successful crypto innovator and entrepreneur with successful experience in the Chinese and global crypto industry. It was migrated onto its network the following year (2018). The individual unit of this coin is known as a tronix, and 100 billion of them were created, with 40 billion being released for trading on the open market and the rest being reserved for the Tron Foundation, founder, and initial backers.

    What is Tron Used for?

    Tron is a well-known blockchain transaction platform with the ability to share media content and design decentralized apps. The Tron token (TRX) can also be utilized to access some exclusive features within its operating software. The major purpose of the TRX token is to be used within the Tron network, but that is not its only use. The coin acts as a store of value that can also be used as a medium of exchange, meaning it can be portrayed as a digital currency.

    Currently, the Tron system has the ability to support nervous games and applications. Apart from its main purpose as a content creator platform, Tron is mostly utilized as a transaction medium since transacting with TRX tokens doesn't incur any charges to the user.

    Many companies use Tron as a way of payment, for example, SpendCard, Bitnovo, and Travala, among others. In addition, tether changed its stable coin and placed it on Tron's platform known as USDT-Tron.

    Release Time: 2017-07-01

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