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Worldcoin Price WLD

    About Worldcoin

    What is World Coin?

    World Coin is a cryptocurrency project by Sam Altman, the founder of ChatGPT. The project is valued at 3 billion USD and plans to raise 1.2 billion USD. According to CEO Sam Altman, the main goal of the project is to collect irises of the global population and distribute the income generated by AI equally among humans. Irises serve as individuals' electronic IDs to receive income from AI work.

    Currently, ChatGPT charges a membership fee of 20 USD/month per user.

    Official website:

    How it works

    World Coin is a blockchain project consisting of three main parts: WorldID, WorldApp, and WorldCoin. WorldID is primarily used to store users' iris data and identity identifiers. WorldApp functions as a wallet for payments, while WorldCoin represents the blockchain itself. WLD is the token of the World Coin network.

    WLD Token Price Prediction

    The current price of WLD token is 2 USD. Airdrops provide 25 tokens to each user who has completed the identity verification process. Currently, 2.5 million users have scanned their irises and received tokens. The total token supply is 10 billion, with the team holding 2 billion, and the remaining 8 billion being distributed to users. As per the World Coin plan, AI-generated income will be evenly distributed among all humans who have completed iris verification. If every human worldwide completed iris verification and received 25 tokens, the total supply would not be enough. Therefore, the 10 billion token supply is not fixed and may be subject to additional issuance.

    Major countries, including the United States, do not support World Coin. Only a few countries, such as the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and South Africa, have Orb stations that support users' voluntary choice of iris scanning.

    If the tokens are seen as shares, the circulating shares of WLD are 8 billion. Assuming Chat GPT's income as the main revenue reference data for WLD, for WLD's price to reach 100 USD, Chat GPT's revenue would have to reach 1 trillion USD. Currently, Chat GPT's revenue is 1.1 billion USD, and the number of users is 100 million. If every user pays, the revenue would be 2 billion USD, and the upper limit for WLD's price would be 20 USD.

    Additionally, the AI field is highly competitive, and Chat GPT AI is starting to be influenced by policies and regulations. Therefore, it is estimated that the peak price for WLD tokens, if not subject to selling pressure, would be around 10 USD.

    Release Time: 2023-07-24
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