BingX offers three solutions for fiat-to-crypto trading: P2P Trading, Buy Crypto, and Bank Deposit. This article will show you the process of buying cryptos on the BingX App.

P2P Trading

Step 1: Log in to BingX App. Click "Buy Crypto" on the homepage and select "P2P Trading". If you are a new user who is buying crypto for the first time, you can use P2P Trading on our platform after completing KYC verification (BingX Tutorial | How to Complete KYC or Identity Verification).


Step 2: Select a seller according to your preference and click "Buy". You can click the buttons as shown in the pictures to switch between "By value" and "By amount". Enter a value or an amount and click "Buy".

_2p.png _3p.png

Step 3: Select a preferred payment method and click “Buy” to place an order. Click "Pay" and you will be able to contact the seller for payment information and complete the payment on the third-party platform.



Step 4: Once the payment is completed, click "Transferred, notify seller" on the order page. The seller will release the cryptos to you after confirming the receipt of your payment. Click "Assets" on the homepage to check your assets.



Buy Crypto

Step 1: Log in to BingX App. Click "Buy Crypto" on the homepage and select "Buy Crypto".


Step 2: Select a payment currency and the receiving crypto. After entering the amount or value, click "Buy Now".


Step 3: Select your preferred payment method on the "Confirm Purchase" page.

  • If you choose P2P trading, please follow the "P2P Trading" instructions aforementioned.

  • If you choose other payment methods, please click "Pay", read the Disclaimer and tick "I have read and agree to the Disclaimer". After that, click "Confirm" and you'll be directed to the payment page of the third-party service provider. Enter your card details or real-name verification information on the service provider's platform to complete the payment.


Make the payment to receive the cryptos and complete the purchase. You can click "Assets" on the homepage of BingX App to view your cryptos.



Bank Deposit

Step 1: Log in to BingX App. Click "Buy Crypto" on the homepage and select "Bank Deposit". Before buying cryptos via "Bank Deposit", users will first need to complete KYC verification (BingX Tutorial | How to Complete KYC or Identity Verification).

Step 2: Read the instructions and check the box to indicate that you have understood the statement of responsibility. Next, click "Verify Now".

Step 3: Choose a crypto you would like to buy and a payment method. Then, select a payment currency and enter an amount. Click "Continue". Please follow the instructions on the page to fill in your email, bank account number, billing address, and other information. After that, you'll be directed to the Legend Trading page to complete the purchase.

Note: The "Bank Deposit" service is provided by Legend Trading, a third-party service provider. Please be aware of and avoid any possible losses or other risks when using this payment service.

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