TradingView allows users to create customized toolsets for technical analysis, with more powerful tools and options.Users can quickly access and use it from BingX's trading page.


1. How to Trade in TradingView

Step 1: Click on Standard Futures on the top navigation bar at and enter the trading page.


Step 2: Click on Chart by TradingView on the bottom of the K-line chart for quick access to the TradingView website.


Step 3: On the TradingView website, click on the Avatar box on the top navigation bar to switch supported languages. Click on the Chart button to quickly access and view the chart.


Step 4: Click on the red box in the upper left corner of the chart with a quick search for the commodities; Click on "All sources" to select/search sources of different platforms. Click on "All sources" to select/search sources of different platforms.


Step 5: After switching the source to BingX, click "Crypto" to quickly see all the crypto pairs supported by BingX. You can also do a quick search in Search.


2. How to Link TradingView to BingX

Step 1: Click on Trading Panel and choose BingX to connect it to TradingView.


Step 2: Log in or sign up for a TradingView account to connect TradingView to BingX. After that, you will be directed to the BingX login page.



3. TradingView Tool Instruction

Step 1.After connecting to your BingX account, click on the icon located on the right sidebar as marked below to open the Order Panel and start trading.


Step 2: After placing an order, go to Trading Panel at the bottom left to check order details.


Click here for more information on how to use TradingView Tool:

This is the tutorial for finding BingX's candlestick chart in TradingView. Start using TradingView tools for technical analysis today!